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Vendor FAQs

What is the difference between High Street and Online or Hybrid Agents?

See our comprehensive guide to the general differences between High Street and Online or Hybrid Estate Agents here

How does Choose My Agent decide which estate agents to recommend?

We recommend estate agents who are effective across all our key performance metrics including: Experience, Expertise and Efficiency. However, you also have the option to select the performance metric that is most important to you:

  • Experience – (Market share of properties sold), the number of properties sold subject to contract by the agent as a percentage of all properties sold subject to contract in your postcode sector
  • Expertise – (Price achieved), final sold price at Land Registry vs original listing price
  • Efficiency – (Days to sell), average number of days taken to sell from original listing date to sold subject to contract date

All of the above are averages based on the previous 12 months data available

Why does Choose My Agent use Experience, Expertise and Efficiency as key performance metrics?

  • Experience – This shows you which agents have sold the most property in your area
    • We think this is a very good indicator that an agent can be relied upon.
    • Any agent can list properties for sale but we think they should be judged on what they sell
  • Expertise – This helps you understand how good the agent is at achieving the price they originally listed the property for
    • Anything lower than 100% means they have not achieved the original asking price
    • Remember, this metric is only reliable if the original listing price is fair
    • Any agent can sell a property if the original listing price is low enough
    • Most of the time you the vendor will make sure the listing price is sensible which helps hold agents to account
  • Efficiency – This helps you understand how quickly an agent is capable of getting your property on the market and sold subject to contract
    • We assume most people want a quick sale so they can quickly realise value and/or move on to their next property
    • However, some will be happy to wait longer for the right price
    • Whilst this metric is important, it depends on your circumstances. A quick days to sell metric could mean the property is priced too low. A long days to sell metric could mean a property was first priced too high
  • CMA rating – key performance metrics can be looked at in isolation but we have provided you with the CMA rating as a useful guide that looks at all the metrics combined
  • To be recognised as a top performing agent on our site, agents need to demonstrate consistent performance across all of our metrics over the last 12 months

Where does Choose My Agent get the information from to rank agents on their performance?

  • We procure all our data from independent sources such as major property portals and Land Registry
  • We compile all this information in to one single database for your postcode area
  • This database is then used to give the agents their own Key Performance Ratings.
  • We then use our own algorithm to calculate the agents Choose My Agent rating which includes all three performance metrics combined.
  • Whilst we endeavour to keep our data up to date and accurate, it should only be used as a guide to helping you choose the right estate agent for your needs.
  • The ultimate choice as to which estate agent you instruct is a choice for you and you alone.

What are the main benefits of using Choose My Agent to find an estate agent?

  • Fast and Simple: We do the hard work so you don’t have to. It takes seconds to compare and choose high street and online agents within your postcode sector
  • Free to use: Our service is 100% free to use. There are no hidden charges and even our expert phone consultations are completely free
  • Fair and objective: We compare agents relevant to our vendors property based on the agents experience (properties sold and average price) expertise (price achieved) and efficiency (day to complete)

At what point do you compare agent’s fees?

  • To maximise the chances of a successful property transaction we first recommend inviting 3 top performing agents to come out and provide you with a free valuation to provide the most competitive tension between agents
  • Only at this point do we recommend that you also request fee information
  • Choosing the best estate agent involves selecting the right company and also the right person from that company
  • You may prefer to pay more for a local High Street Agent if you believe the quality of the service provided is greater compared to other Online or Hybrid Agents
  • You may wish to pay less with an Online or Hybrid Agent if you prefer to take on more of the responsibility of selling your home including for example hosting your own viewings and handling or negotiating offers
  • All of the agents we introduce you to are more than capable of selling your home

Do you pass my details on to any other 3rd parties?

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